Data Science Training Program and Experiential Learning Opportunity

For professionals eager to thrive in the world of Big Data and fuel industry innovation with computer science and applied mathematics, our data science program provides the tools needed to succeed in data science roles.


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33 Weeks

Program Length



$12,000 (14% off)
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The Data Science Training program offers courses and curricula that were created by industry experts to help students extract, analyze, visualize, manage and store data to create insights that help companies make powerful data-driven decisions.

Through the fully-online, 10-course program that spans 33 weeks, you’ll receive hands-on experience while building upon data science skills—from mastering programming and data modeling to effectively cloud computing—that are in demand across an array of industries.

These skills in combination with expert instruction will prepare you for a successful career in data science.

Learn how skill-based training can lead to a career in tech.








Data Science Program


Not only can the program increase employment opportunities across multiple industries, but it can also position you for some of the best-paid entry-level careers. In fact, the starting salaries for entry-level positions range from $54,070 for database administrators to $95,000 for data scientists, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics and a 2020 Burtch-Works study.

As another added benefit of the program, you’ll improve upon soft skills including critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, time management and more through your courses, and you’ll build your own data science portfolio that showcases all of your accomplishments and skills achieved throughout the program.

Skills Learned

As a graduate of this program, you can expect to bring a variety of applied mathematics and computer science-based skills to your current or future career, which include:

  • Effectively gathering insights from and creating databases in SQL
  • Programming in both Python and R
  • Turning data into beautiful visuals using Tableau
  • Cloud computing to manage Big Data
  • Performing machine learning algorithms in Python
  • Mastering data modeling
  • Project managing using Agile and Waterfall


Basic Statistics

Statistical Programming in R

Metrics and Data Processing

Data Wrangling and Visualization

Intermediate Statistics

Machine Learning and Modeling

Introduction to Big Data

Database Foundations

Programming Foundations in Python

Group Project

Data Science Program Structure

Choose from several flexible options for completing the Data Science certificate program:

  • Register for the full program and save 14%
  • Start with Track 1 and stack remaining tracks to manage cost over time or maximize tuition assistance benefits
    (Tracks must be taken sequentially.)


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Learn the fundamentals of analytics, data visualization, and predictive modeling. 


  • Introduction to Data Science and Basic Statistics
  • Metrics and Data Processing
  • Introduction to Big Data


  • Learn what it means to be a data scientist. Understand the basics of data & perform your first analyses & visualizations
  • Learn how to create new metrics for businesses & basics of Agile Project Management
  • Learn Big Data concepts like MapReduce and learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Spark



Gain skills to use Python and R programming to visualize and analyze data. Learn how to manage data repositories and generate insights.


  • Statistical Programming in R
  • Programming Foundations
  • Database Foundations


  • Use R to manipulate, analyze, and visualize data
  • Learn common programming concepts in Python such as lists, loops, dictionaries, and functions
  • Learn how to design, store, and manipulate databases. Students will work with both rational (SQL) and non-rational databases


$4,620 (if taken sequentially)

Learn the foundations of machine learning algorithms like k-nearest neighbors, random forest, and natural language processing. Identify data patterns and trends using computer science and applied mathematics theories.


  • Data Wrangling and Visualization
  • Machine Learning and Modeling
  • Intermediate Statistics
  • Group Project


  • Understand the process of changing the structure & format of raw data until the data is compatible with sometimes rigid requirements for analysis and appreciate the power of representing data graphically
  • Predict future events & reduce risk through supervised & unsupervised machine learning & modeling techniques
  • Draw insight from data using advanced statistical analyses
  • Solve your own real-world problem using the data analysis techniques of your choosing, then present in front of potential employers


$3,780 (if taken sequentially)

Data Science Program Job Possibilities

As the tech industry expands, the employment market for skilled data science professionals is growing rapidly. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong continued growth in the data science field and predicts the number of jobs will increase by about 31.4% through 2030.

The job opportunities available to program graduates span across several industries, such as technology, business, government, finance and marketing. Entry-level positions include but are not limited to:

Database Administrator

$48,000 - $112,000


Data Analyst

$57,000 - $123,000


Data Scientist

$69,000 - $140,000


Data Science Program Online Training Tuition Options

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No. This program is offered through Greensboro College, but does not count for college credit.

No previous statistical programming skills are needed. Throughout the program, students will dive into statistical concepts and learn common programming concepts in both R and Python.

Students will learn programming in Python and statistical programming in R. They will also learn how to design, store and manipulate databases in both rational SQL databases and nonrational databases.

No prior experience in the technology industry or education in technology is required.

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