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Greensboro’s GRE Prep program is designed to help you prepare for the GRE and to increase your test score.


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What is Greensboro's GRE Preparation course?

Greensboro College’s GRE Prep course has been designed to help you prepare to take the GREs and increase your test score, helping you potentially gain admission to your top choice graduate school and program. Our course is taught by experienced instructors in-person over four consecutive weekends and covers the math and verbal sections of the exam. Students will gain confidence throughout the program and even have personalized guidance and help while writing college or university essays.


– Billy Spicer

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Cost and Inclusions

The price for the Greensboro GRE Prep Program is $500.

Included in the price are: books and materials

Program Benefits

The benefits to this program are:

  • A collaborative, classroom setting
  • Builds students’ analytical and critical reasoning skills
  • Personalized guidance and instruction for writing college/university essays
  • Teaches test-taking tips and strategies
Suzanne Suddarth, director of The Center for Innovation and Workforce Development at Greensboro College

If you have questions about our GRE prep program, please contact Suzanne Suddarth, MA., director of the Center for Innovation and Workforce Development at Greensboro College.

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