Become a Certified Notary training program

Attend our one-day notary intensive workshop and be prepared to sit for the Notary Public exam at the end of class. 


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What does a Notary training program do?

A notary is an official of integrity who has been appointed by the state government to oversee and serve as a witness during the signing of important documents. They ensure that the signers of important documents are indeed the people they claim to be, that they are willing to sign without duress or intimidation and are fully aware of what the document they are signing contains. 

One of the main components of their job is to be impartial. They cannot act in instances where they may have a personal bias or personal interest. They are never allowed to refuse service to a person based on nationality, race, religion, politics or sexual orientation. 

Participants who attend Greensboro’s one-day Notary Public Workshop, and successfully pass the Notary Public examination, are eligible to apply for the North Carolina Notary Public Commission.

To attend this program, students must be 19​, have a high school diploma or GED and have never been convicted of a felony. Participants must bring a current driver’s license to class to be eligible to sit for the exam.

Where Does a NOTARY Work?

Notaries can work in a variety of different places including, but not limited to, banks, schools, real estate firms, law offices, corporate offices and government offices. Some notaries also run their own independent businesses.

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"I found the Notary Workshop very beneficial and useful. The instructor was knowledgeable and conveyed the material in a clear and succinct way. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in becoming a Notary to take this course."

– Victor Archibong

Notary Program Details


This class runs 9:00 am to Noon. 

The next class is November 5, 2022.

Cost and Inclusions

The price for the Greensboro Notary Program is $150.

Included in the price is: Notary Public Guidebook

Outcomes and Benefits


The average salary of a notary public in North Carolina is $29,599 according to ZipRecruiter. This can fluctuate depending on the number of customers and hours that a notary puts in.  

Workshop Benefits

Through our one-day intensive workshop, you will learn everything you need to be able to pass the Notary Public examination.

Certificate and licensing

Participants who attend this one-day Notary Public Workshop, and pass the Notary Public examination, are able to apply for the North Carolina Notary Public Commission.

If you have questions about our Notary Public program, please contact Suzanne Suddarth, MA., director of the Center for Innovation and Workforce Development at Greensboro College.

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336-272-7102, ext 5760


Anyone above the age of 19 without a felony, who resides in the state of North Carolina and who is looking to start a career as a notary.

The Notary workshop takes place on Greensboro College’s campus.

It includes the current Notary Public Guidebook. Application and stamp fees, however, are additional and the responsibility of the student.