Earn a Project Management Certification

Our 9-week CAPM certified online Project Management Essentials Career Training provides you with the knowledge to successfully run and manage projects.


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9 Weeks

Program Length


Issuing Authority

What does it mean to earn your CAPM certification?

Becoming a certified project manager ensures that you understand the project life cycle and can positively lead your team through any project. No matter what industry you plan to work in, earning your certification as a project manager showcases to potential employers that you are qualified to lead a team. 

With the CAPM certification, as long as you have an associate’s degree, you do not need project management experience. However, if you do not have an associate’s degree, you need a small amount of project management experience. 


Project Manager Essentials Certification Outcomes

This certification ensures individuals can:

  • Understand the whole project management process
  • Can accurately definite project life cycle and roles
  • Understands how to prioritize within projects
  • Assess project recovery alternatives and develop project recovery plans

Overview of the Issuing Authority

PMI is the leading professional association in the world for project management. As a not-for-profit organization that works in nearly every country, PMI is recognized everywhere for its commitment to career advancement, organizational success and maximizing impact within the project management field. PMI prides itself on global advocacy, collaboration, research, networking and education, including online courses, certifications, and other learning tools.

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