Software Developer Program and Experiential Learning Opportunity

For professionals eager to excel in coding and creating fully-functioning web applications that power essential systems and applications in businesses around the globe, our Software Developer program provides the in-demand skills needed to turn those interests into a successful career in tech.


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33 Weeks

Program Length



$12,000 (14% off)
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What is the Software Developer program and what can you accomplish as a student?

The Software Developer program offers courses and curriculum that were created by industry experts to help students learn the key programming languages, techniques and practices used in the technology industry to build websites and applications.

Through the fully-online, 10-course program that spans 33 weeks, you’ll establish software development skills—from setting up databases and cloud deployments to coding from scratch—that are in demand across an array of industries.

Through expert instruction and hands-on experience, you’ll become a creative problem solver, team player and coding aficionado who is ready to develop, upgrade, assess and document software and applications.

Learn how skill-based training can lead to a career in tech.








Software Developer


No matter what industry you choose to apply your software programming education to, you’ll be positioned to earn some of the highest salaries of all technology professionals. In fact, the median salary for software developers in 2020 was $110,140, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

As another added benefit of the program, you’ll improve upon soft skills including critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, time management and more through your courses, and you’ll gain tangible experience building a full-stack web application using front-end, back-end and database development as an Agile Project Team.

Skills Learned

As a graduate of this program, you can expect to bring a variety of programming and coding skills to your current or future career, which include:

  • Coding from scratch
  • Developing front-end foundations of websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Utilizing back-end development to program server side applications and RESTful Web API’s using Express, ASP.NET or Spring
  • Creating databases using MySQL and MongoDB
  • Using Responsive Design to produce mobile friendly applications for iOS and Android
  • Working with an Agile software development team, which is used in most workplaces today


Coding from Scratch

Front End Foundations

Programming Foundations

Front End Frameworks

Back End Foundations

Database Foundations

Mobile Apps & Responsive Design

Agile Project Management & Career Skills

Deployment & Web Security

Group Project

Software Developer Program Structure

Choose from several flexible options for completing the Software Developer certificate program:

  • Register for the full program and save 14%
  • Start with Track 1 and stack remaining tracks to manage cost over time or maximize tuition assistance benefits
    (Tracks must be taken sequentially.)


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Gain a robust understanding of programming languages to design and build websites, computer programs, and apps.


  • Coding from Scratch
  • Front End Foundations
  • Front End Frameworks (React)
  • Front End Frameworks (Angular)


  • Learn foundations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript & how to record & share progress with Git
  • Create robust web apps and code structure for large, client-side web projects
  • Learn front-end best practices and Single Page Web Applications (SPA) with either React or Angular frameworks


Gain fundamental database and programming skills. Learn to use MySQL and MongoDB to design tables & collections.


  • Database Foundations (SQL)
  • Database Foundations (NoSQL)
  • Programming Foundations (Java)
  • Programming Foundations (C#)


  • Learn how to design, store, & manipulate databases. Students will work with both rational (SQL) & non-rational databases
  • Understand programming principles of chosen career path. Learn language-specific concepts in Java C#, or JavaScript

$3,675 (if taken sequentially)

Learn how to program server side applications & RESTful Web API’s using Express, ASP. NET, or Spring.


  • Backend Foundations (Java/Spring)
  • Backend Foundations (JavaScript/Node)
  • Backend Foundations (C#/Web API)
  • Mobile Apps


  • Create server-side web apps & services with choice of Express, ASP .NET, or Spring
  • Explore Responsive Design principles and create a mobile-first experience to be used on mobile apps (iOS/Android)


$3,100 (if taken sequentially)

Produce dynamic, responsive websites using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Gain knowledge of industry development processes through SCRUM & Kanban.


  • Responsive Design
  • Agile Project Management
  • Career Skills
  • Web Deployment (AWS)
  • Web Security


  • Explore Responsive Web Design principles and create a mobile-first web experience
  • Manage software projects & teams, learn roles & responsibilities as well as the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Understand the process & benefits of deploying a web application to a cloud hosting provider

$2,275 (if taken sequentially)

Software Developer Job Possibilities

As the tech industry expands, the employment market for skilled software development professionals is growing much faster than average. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees strong continued growth in the software development field and predicts the number of jobs will increase by about 22% through 2030 with an estimated 189,200 new jobs opening up in the field each year over that period.

The career opportunities available to program graduates span across several industries, such as technology, government, healthcare and retail. These jobs include but are not limited to:

Web Developer

$41,000 - $90,000


Game Developer

$39,000 - $97,000


Full-Stack Developer

$80,000 - $116,500


Certification Information

Graduates of the Software Developer Program are prepared to sit for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals exam and the Oracle Certified Foundations Associate exam.

Microsoft certified

Azure Fundamentals

This certification ensures that you understand cloud computing concepts and the core Azure services.


Certified Foundations Associate

This certification ensures that you understand Java.

Software Developer Online Training Tuition Options

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No. This program and these courses are offered through Greensboro college, but do not count for college credit.

No previous coding skills are needed. Students will gain core knowledge of coding principles using JavaScript, C# or Java and learn how to apply them to a professional career.

Students will learn programming in HTML5, CSS3, Java and JavaScript.

No prior experience in the technology industry or education in technology is required.

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