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How To Become A Surgical Technologist

A surgical technologist helps with surgical operations including preparing a surgeon’s equipment and providing basic care to patients. A surgical technologist plays a key role in the operating room because surgeons, nurses, and patients rely on surgical technologists to keep the instruments, room and supplies sterile.  This article will guide you toward a surgical technologist […]

Why Become a Certified Healthcare Administration Professional?

With the healthcare industry continuing to expand rapidly, there are many other opportunities to explore in this dynamic field, including jobs in healthcare administration.

What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

If you’re looking for a healthcare job that positively impacts people’s lives daily, then a medical assistant role may be the perfect fit.

What is Data Science?

What is Data Science? Data science encompasses many different skill sets, including statistics, analytics, data visualization and data management. Data science uses advanced statistical analysis to extract and manage data for business decision-making and client needs.  In this article, we’ll discuss the growth of data science, the career outlook of the data science industry and […]


GREENSBORO, N.C., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, The Center for Innovation and Workforce Development at Greensboro College launched the latest in a series of new professional development initiatives. The online program is based on industry input and will help students build the skills sought by global aerospace and manufacturing employers in the Greensboro region. […]

Employee Retention & Happiness Are Key To A Company’s Success

According to data from Visier, one in four workers quit their jobs in 2021. A forecast from PwC revealed that 65% of the workforce were actively looking for a new job in August of 2021.  The numbers are staggering, especially when considering that steps can be taken to decrease the potential for employee dissatisfaction. Innovation […]

Greensboro College Launches Center for Innovation and Workforce Development Initiative to Meet Growing Workforce Demands in Piedmont Triad Region

Greensboro, NC, April 20, 2022 – Today, Greensboro College announced its launch of their new Center for Innovation and Workforce Development at Greensboro College initiative to help prepare individuals to advance and succeed in their careers, while meeting the growing employer workforce demands in the Piedmont Triad area. The area, known for being one of […]

Education is Key to Closing the Talent Gap in Cybersecurity

It’s rare to find a field with such a huge gap between the demand from employers and the supply of available talent. Currently, that field is cybersecurity. In such a technological age, the number of cyberattacks continues to increase. From hospitals to entire government systems, no one is safe. That is why employers worldwide are […]